Traffic Paint

Traffic and swimming pool paint is designed based on acrylic, thermoplastic, chloro rubber and vinyl resins. Pool paints and traffic paints are recommended for traffic and pool uses on concrete and asphalt surfaces due to their high abrasion resistance and good mechanical and impact resistance.

This traffic paint group includes the following:

– Alkyd-chloro rubber traffic paint

– Thermoplast acrylic traffic paint

– Pool paint based on acrylic resin

– Pool paint based on vinyl resin

Features of Traffic Paint:

Quick drying

*High abrasion resistance

*High atmospheric resistance

*High adhesion

Parameters that determine traffic paint quality

Power of volatile dyes

The amount of volatile substances in traffic paint

The covering power of one liter of traffic paint

Appearance coloring or hue

Granulation of paint particles

Capability to be diluted with paint manufacturer’s recommended thinner

Capability to be used with spray paint

Traffic paint drying time

Paint hardness

Paint adhesion


Water resistance

abrasion resistance

Types of traffic paints:

1- Cold traffic paints:

  • Traffic paint based on chlorine and rubber resins
  • Traffic paint based on thermoplastic acrylic resins
  • Two-component acrylic traffic paint

2- Warm traffic paints:

  • Warm hydrocarbon traffic paints

Paints Used for Traffic Purposes

Traffic paints used to designate routes and ground signs consist of a thin layer of mixed materials. Also, polished beads are added to the surface of the paint to provide reflectivity at night.

رنگ ترافیکی جاده‌ای The traffic color with its polished beads makes the routes and ground signs visible at night.

Using Traffic Paint in Parking Areas

You can make your parking lot look professional by using the right type of traffic paint. Using the right tools, including concrete stencils and line striping machines, will make your work look as professional and skilled as you want it to be. By using this paint, you can specify the stopping places in the parking lot.

Choosing a paint that is resistant to fading and is durable will make your parking area clearly marked and it will be easier for your customers to drive their cars. Glass beads are used to reflect light and are mixed with traffic paint to meet specific needs for further guidance of customers and other traffic.

رنگ ترافیک در پارکینگ

One of the uses of traffic paints in parking lots is to indicate the parking place of cars and other traffic signs in the parking lot.

Surface Preparation for Traffic Paint

Before starting the work, it is necessary to prepare the surface you want to apply traffic paint to ensure a seamless and smooth continuity of the colors. (New concrete must be exposed to air for at least 30 days before painting.)

Repairing cracks on the surface

Crack repair is an essential step in surface preparation. For asphalt surfaces, cracks are cleaned from excess materials using a steel brush or crack cleaning machine.

Using traffic paint on surfaces with unrepaired cracks and gaps will diminish the professional appearance of your area. If not repaired, the cracks will deteriorate and the final result will not be of high quality.

After preparing the gaps, they are covered with liquid or hot gap filling material.

Cleaning the asphalt

At this stage, oil and grease stains should be removed. These stains destroy the asphalt surface and expose the parking lot surface to various elements.

Resurfacing for Traffic Paint

Resurfacing is a simple and quick step that extends the life of your parking lot. This step is considered the last step before using traffic paint lines.

Preparing for Traffic Paint Application

Using a stencil, the lines are marked manually with a roller. This process will take some time and its implementation is more difficult due to its details and subtleties.

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