Oil-based Rustproof Primers

Oil-based rustproof primers or alkyd primers include the following types:


Ecru Alkyd Primer (Ecru Rustproof Primer). Coded: 1113


Ecru oil-based rustproof primers (ecru alkyd primers) are based on iron oxide and alkyd resin and are produced from the best raw materials.

High coverage and very high resistance to moisture are among the characteristics of this product.


This product is used as a moisture-resistant primer on metal surfaces and protects its lower surface against rust and moisture corrosion.

The theoretical coverage of this product is about 5 square meters per liter and its surface drying time at 25 degrees Celsius is about 4 hours.

This product can be applied with a paintbrush, roller and pistol.

For use, it should be diluted with a suitable oil thinner and according to the implementation device and mixed completely before execution.

Before application, the surface should be cleaned of any grease, dust and moisture.


Gray Alkyd Primer (Gray Oil-based Rustproof Primer). Coded: 1115


Gray oil-based rustproof primers (gray alkyd primers) are based on Alkyd resin and made of high-quality raw materials.

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High coverage and adhesion are among the special features of this product.

This product is used as an alkyd primer on metal surfaces to thicken the coating.

This product is applied with a paintbrush, roller, or pistol.

Before use, it must be thoroughly mixed and diluted with a suitable oil thinner. Also, the surface to be used must be free of any grease, moisture, and dust.

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