Industrial Paints for Stores

Industrial Paints for Stores.  Industrial paints come in various types with diverse applications and are produced in large volumes in the Arya Sath Tehran complex, and are offered in both domestic and international industries markets. Because facilities in industries are always undergoing maintenance and repair, part of the industry’s needs are usually met through small packaging and via stores. Therefore, to facilitate this important matter, the Arya Sath Tehran complex has taken steps to offer various types of commonly used industrial paints in small packaging.

Accordingly, epoxy polyamide surface paints in various colors, polyurethane surface paints in various colors, as well as industrial primers such as gray and ocher epoxy primers and zinc-rich epoxy primers are produced and offered in gallon and sheet metal containers in stores.

These products are produced based on epoxy polyamide and polyurethane resins. These resins are two-part and can be used on metal, cement, and concrete surfaces. Two-part resins have very high resistance against moisture, temperature, and various weather conditions.

The category of industrial paints for stores includes the following types:

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