Pool Paints

Arya Pars pool paints are produced based on thermoplastic acrylic resin. These paints, due to the type of resin used in them, have high moisture resistance and adhesion on cement and concrete surfaces. Also, due to the high resistance of these types of paints to ultraviolet rays and good thermal flexibility, they have a special application for water-retaining pools in outdoor areas. These paints come in two colors: white and blue, and are packaged in quarts, gallons, and metal cans.

This product can be applied using a roller, brush, or spray gun. For application with a roller or brush, add 20% solvent, and for application with a spray gun, depending on the diameter of the nozzle used, add 25 to 35% solvent for thinning. Suitable solvents for thinning include instant thinner 20000 or traffic thinners.

Before use, the surface to be painted must be free from any dust and grease and must also be completely dry.


The category of pool paints includes the following types:

  • White pool paint

  • Blue pool paint
  • Acrylic pool paints


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